You are trapped within the inside of a collection of spinning gears. Your goal, to get to the end of the chain of gears, to get to the yellow room.

Your obstacle for completing this task is to get there without getting too discombobulated by the continually spinning map.

There will also be some locked doors and keys scattered around the map that you will need to find to succeed in finding and entering the last room.

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How to play and known issues

Collect the colored keys scattered across the map.
When a colored key is collected, the locked door with the same color will be unlocked and accessible for the player.
The red door will be found within the red room and this also applies to the rest.


Known issues:
The majority of the walls have no hitbox and can be ignored.
Please treat them as normal walls and do not cheat by walking through them.

Pressing “I” will open up an inventory UI that doesn’t work. You can’t get rid of it unless you restart the game.


About me

I have studied Level Design during my 3 years of high school and I have learned a lot from it. I learned about many theories applied to game design and I have taken some to heart. During this time I made many sketches on paper but I repeatedly came back to this specific project. Which I finally made into a playable game.