I Will Find You

An elderly man is looking for his missing wife. But the world outside is not what it once was. It’s cold, tough to get through and very unforgiving. But what the elder lacks in strength he makes up for with the knowledge gained from years of working as a physicist. So he built himself a friend, a remote controlled robot called Jelly.

Try the prototype for the game here:

Plan your way

Take the wheels of Jelly and find your way through the harsh landscape, combine the timelines in which you have placed your portals to be able to solve the puzzles ahead of you and upgrade the robot to venture even further away from home. Someone needs your help.

Hej på er!

Christoffer heter jag. Vad jag uppskattar med speldesign är hur alla bitar jobbar tillsammans, hur musiken påverkar känslan, hur spelets gameplay kan påverka historien som berättas eller hur miljön du skapat kan sänka pulsen för någon annan.