Anthro-pocene park

Anthropocene Park is an absurdist walking simulator set in a happy post apocalypse. Explore the post-human worlds idea of what a world designed by humans must have been like.

Anthropocene Park is my first experience of working on a digital game on my own and was a great learning experience for me. It was a great opportunity to just try out any stupid ideas I´ve ever wanted to do while also getting a chance to test my abilities and really see what I’m capable of in a way I could never do in a group.

Looking back at these first screen shots of the world I tried to create I just feel like so much time was put into things that just wouldnt be in the final version at all. The mountain mesh seen in the top left picture was duplicated and put all around my terrain plane. Later it would be replaced by the terrain tool which in turn would be replaced by these really simple rock meshes I originally created to be just that – rocks.

In my early version of the game I

relied heavily on Unitys built in

terrain tool…

while in its final form the Terrain

tool was only used to create the

big lake, while hills – as the one

seen in this picture – was made

using the same two meshes I

used for mountains and rocks.

As luck would have it I happened to break my first version of the game with one and a half week to deadline. Even though it felt a bit stressing I’m just really happy that it happened so that I could create a more beautiful world. Being ashamed of the look of this game would really have brought my experience of this project to  the negative. Now I proudly present to you this world, a world where I have created every model and designed every part of your path by myself: