By Jack Cederholm, Maximilian Malander & Gabriel Hector
We had a mashup week in school where we had to create a new game combining the concept of two classic boardgames and a theme. Every group was given three games and two themes to choose from. Our assigned games and their important game elements were:

  • Trivial Pursuit – questions, luck, abstract
  • Yahtzee – dice, re-rolling, luck, abstract
  • Apples to Apples – cardplay, funny, party, silly, weird reality

Our assigned themes were:

  • Fruit
  • Celebrities
We had a hard time coming up with a way of combining Trivial Pursuit  with any of the other games. TP’s inherent beholdence to the truth and reality made it hard to combine with Apples to Apples’ siliness. And seeing how I think TP is already too dependent on randomness it did seem like a bad idea to mash it up with Yahtzee. So we ended up with a mix of Yahtzee and Apples to Apples that in the end was more reminiscent of something like a dice version of Cards Against Humanity. For theming it was obvious that celebrities would make for a lot more fun than fruit would, so that was an easy choice.
The gameplay is very simple. Every turn a card from a deck in the middle of the table is flipped and a new celebrity comes up. Players start rolling their dice and try to combine them to create the funniest headline possible about the celebrity. To avoid people taking to much time the player who isn’t done with her headline when all other players are, isn’t participating in the round. When all headlines have been read out loud by the players who made them, a quick vote is cast by all players by a simple point of the finger.