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Pixel Desings

If you click the picture below you will open another window to all my pixel designs that has been used in different games, or just created for fun. This is what I enjoy the most, pixels!


The different projects we get from our classes are different challenges we get to work on mostly in groups. The time we have to develop the projects are short but I learn a lot by just getting an idea I want to work on as soon as we get the challenge.
Below you can see the projects I’m proud of and had a great time creating, pressing the images will take you to another window explaining more about the games.




Planning is a 2-4 player game where the players are working together as air guides at the same airport. However, the communication is broken so there will be no talking during the gameplay in any form. They will be helping each other to land planes and avoid any crashes.



Pawth Home

Pawth Home is a game about saving and helping animals that are walking among the streets homeless. Your job is to find these lonely animals and build your own shelter for them. By collecting garbage in your surroundings and recycling them will get you started with the economy.




This is a 3-4 player card game where all players are working against each other to be the last one standing. By using the three standard cards, one MEGA card and 5 health – the players has to choose each round if they want to defend, heal, attack or use a MEGA card which is a one time only and even more powerful.

Overwatch: The Board Game

In Overwatch – the board game, players will take control of a team of heroes and try to
defeat the other players team in a round of Payload.

Speldesign på Fridhem – The Game

Målet med spelet är att genom att ta hänsyn till och planera runt dina kollegor sluta med flest poäng (och därmed vara mest omtyckt av eleverna) efter 3 rundor.


Saint Sepia Asylum (SSA)

Saint Sepia Asylum is a single player, text based (narrative driven), choose your own adventure, horror game.

The player wakes up in an unfamiliar location with no memory of who they or how they got there.
How their story unfolds is up to them.
The game is based in the modern world, features strong elements of mystery and horror – where every choice matters.

”Can I die?” you ask… Well that’s up to you.




An Epic Tale Of _____.

This is a fantasy, story telling game.
The players all work together as a party with a Game Master that controls where the story goes by using Journey Cards that has text on it with a blank line that the Adventurers gets to fill in by using one or more of their Race/Class/Item cards to make the most logical or funniest story. Whichever card that the Game Master chooses gets to be in the story.
But, the adventurers has something or someone, that stands in their way…

Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark is a mash-up game project where we merged Battleship and Jenga.
This is a 1v1 board game where the players are two generals in a war during the night. The goal is to shoot down the other generals Jenga tower by shooting into the dark hoping that the tower takes a bad hit.