Viktor Jönsson

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to my little space on the web. I am an aspiring game designer who specilice on easy to learn but hard to master smaller games. So far I have mostly worked analogy, doing games digitally are the next challenge.

Earlier Projekts

Dice Dash

The first game I was part of making at school. It is a fun dexterity game that will challenge you, which has an simple yet exciting scoring.

True or False

In this game you will try to bluff your fellow players over and over again.

Can you read the mind of the other participants?


Casino Mystery

Have you ever thought of combining Cloue and Poker? Nether had I until we got it as an schoolprojekt and this is the result.

In Cloue you win by solving the case. In Casino Mystery thats only half of it, you will need to collect a good pokerhand aswell.

Viktor Jönsson

Contact me here